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Experimenting with food and sharing: welcome to Edit

In Turin seven different versions of food&beverage in the urban-regeneration area known as “The Innovation Mile”

Restaurant © Luisa Porta & Daniele Ratti

Newly launched in Turin, EDIT – Eat Drink Innovate Together, is located at Barriera di Milano, a neighbourhood undergoing urban regeneration: EDIT offers its guests a decisively heterogeneous array of proposals that they can enjoy at any time of day, from breakfast to lunch, from coffee break to aperitif, and through to dinner and late-night cocktails. Conceived by Marco Brignone, the entrepreneur from Turin (whose career has led him to hold various positions of prestige in banking, both in Italy and abroad), it offers six different food destinations divided into six different areas: “EDIT Bakery Cafè”, “EDIT Brewery”, “EDIT Pub”, “EDIT Cocktail Bar”, “EDIT Restaurant”, “EDIT Kitchens”; it also features the “EDIT Osservatorio”, a space dedicated to events.

The total surface covers 2400 square meters on two floors of the nineteenth-century building that was once occupied by Incet, the historic electric cable factory located at one of the two ends of what is now known as “The Innovation Mile”: this is a strategic axis that runs through the city of Turin and connects the Politecnico university with the Dora station, the aim of which is to become one of the hubs of cultural and business innovation in Italy.

On the ground floor is the “EDIT Bakery Café”, where one can take a break, work, relax in an informal context somewhere between the home and the office. The ground floor also contains the “EDIT Brewery”, where the focus is the bar with a row of 19 taps that dispense 19 different draft beers. The natural next step from the “EDIT Brewery” is the “EDIT Pub”, which features a table 25 meters long, conceived for people who like to drink beer with dinner to share the experience with others like-minded.

A flight of stairs leads up to the “Cocktail Bar” with a wide selection of wine and spirits on display: this is a place to have an aperitif after work or a drink after dinner.
The “EDIT Restaurant”, also on the first floor, offers a striking view of the open kitchen in the middle, surrounded by a counter with stools. For people who prefer a more intimate atmosphere, there is a reserved dining room for 10. There is also a space that may be rented out for events: known as the “Kitchen”, this space comes with four fully-equipped professional kitchens.

At the restaurant we find chef Matteo Monti (1979) who attended hotel school and accrued ex-tensive experience both in Italy and abroad.

At the “EDIT” restaurant he presents dishes such as Veal sweetbreads in butter, Cannolicchio and kumquat, Mango ceviche with coriander extract, Fassona beef sirloin steak, Sage fried in tempura and carpione gel, to name just a few.

On the top floor of the structure is the “EDIT Osservatorio”, a location where one can organize private events with a panoramic view of the city. And for anyone who wishes to extend the experience and stay overnight, there are the “EDIT Lofts”, eleven apartments designed by Barbara Scott and distinguished by the constant interaction between art and design.

The new proposal for the summer is the “EDIT Garden”, a dehors in the city immersed in a green space conceived as a venue for cultural events. In this setting, the menu is inspired by the world of tapas.

The architectural design is by studio lamatilde which maintained due regard for the industrial heritage of the building in which EDIT is located.

The designers were particularly careful to create varied and different areas in which the user can always feel perfectly comfortable.

«The industrial nature is obvious not only in the laboratories that are open and in view, they explain, but also and above all in the choice of Brutalist finishes: various versions of concrete, raw, zinc-plated, stainless or black-painted steel, pewter, shades of grey, softened by the brass details, the oak surfaces, the suedes, velvets and hanging plants.»

Recipe to make tongue

Nº 1 pickled tongue.

Put the tongue into a pot filled with unsalted cold water. Heat the water to boiling until the tongue is perfectly cooked. As the water evaporates, add warm water to cover the tongue. Let it sit in its liquid to cool. Peel the cold tongue and put it in the refrigerator overnight. The next day, cut into 1 cm

For the anchovies

Nº 1 anchovy per person;
rice flour;
fine cornmeal for polenta.

Clean the anchovies in the traditional manner, removing the backbone but keeping the tail. Rinse thoroughly under running water, then pat them dry and roll them in the rice flour mixed with an equal part of fine polenta cornmeal. Lay them flat and put them in the freezer..

For the green “bagnetto”

30 gr of bread for coeliacs;
50 grams of red wine vinegar;
40 grams of parsley;
2 grams of garlic;
100 grams of peanut oil;
45 grams of extra-virgin olive oil;
30 grams of basil;
10 grams of onion grass;
3 grams of salt.

Combine all the ingredients in a blender and purée. Put the sauce in the freezer until it is fully frozen. Puree the frozen mixture and put the resulting cream mixture into the refrigerator.

For the final dish

Immerse the slice of tongue into the broth heated to 50°C for 10 minutes (you can use the broth from cooking the tongue). In the meantime, fry the anchovy, frozen and flour-coated, in the oil at 160°C trying to make it stay straight. When it is fried, remove excess oil with paper towel and cover it with the green “bagnetto” cream. Take the tongue out of the broth, place on paper towel to absorb excess broth, and sauté quickly in a slightly oiled and very hot pan. Heat on one side only. Put the tongue on a plate, and decorate with the greened anchovy.


translation by Olga Barmine

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