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All the comforts, but in nature: the Bubble Rooms are a hit in Italy too

Our country now counts a number of hotels that offer “bubbles” to stay in: in the North, and down in Basilicata too

To gaze at a starry sky or falling snow, comfortably stretched out and swathed in the warmth of a duvet and the crackle of wood burning in the fireplace: the bubble rooms, with their transparent walls and roofs that offer a unique experience literally immersed in nature, are spreading across Italy too. A phenomenon originating in northern Europe, and in particular in the places where you can see the aurora borealis, it is conquering our country as well, which now counts several hotels that offer the possibility of staying in the “bubbles” as well as in structures akin to “igloos”.

This is a trend that goes hand in hand with winter glamping, “luxury” camping for winter holidays in the name of nature and relaxation. The regions of northern Italy boast a greater number of bubble rooms, but there are plenty located in the South as well, in Basilicata, conceived for summer vacations, as well as winter holidays under the snow. From Gaia’s Sphere in Gorzegno, in the Piemonte region, to the Snow chalet in Livigno, in Lombardia, to the Igloo Village at Auronzo di Cadore, in the province of Belluno in the Dolomites. Two of the structures are located in South Tyrol: the Skyview chalets on Lake Dobbiaco and the Bubble Room at Sant’Orsola Terme. In central Italy, there is the Bubble Room on Lake Bolsena at San Lorenzo Nuovo, in the province of Viterbo. In the South, the bubble rooms at Satriano di Lucania, in the province of Potenza.

Bubble Hotels therefore offer the possibility of staying in transparent or semi-transparent bubbles, often built with materials such as PVC of other translucent polymers. Many bubble hotels promote themselves as eco-friendly, having minimum impact on the environment because they use recyclable materials.

These are structures designed to provide a unique experience, immersed deeply in nature, which allows guests to enjoy scenic views with all the comforts.

And complete respect of privacy: the bubble rooms are located in isolated places and strategic positions with respect to other areas of the hotel. They feature “screening” systems that allow the guests total seclusion. They are immersed in forests or along the edges of lakes to enjoy breath-taking views at any time of day. And the hotels often offer complementary activities such stargazing for astronomy lovers, excursions in nature, outdoor hot tubs, saunas, massages and gourmet restaurants.

In the Piemonte region, in the province of Cuneo, the town of Gorzegno hosts Gaia’s Sphere, three semi-transparent spheres with a scenic view over the entire surrounding valley: 20 square meters with a queen-size bed and a relaxation area from which to admire the view of the Alta Langa area. The Hotel Lac Salin Spa & Mountain Resort in Livigno offers guests a veritable “snow dream experience” in the original snow chalet made by local artist Vania Cusini.  The Hotel Lago Atorno at Auronzo di Cadore, in the heart of the Dolomites, has set up an igloo village where you sleep in sleeping bags. The “glass cubes” at the Skyview Chalets in Dobbiaco in the Trentino Alto Adige region offer a lakeside view, a scenic pier with a solarium terrace and a hot tub, and at the Maso La Marianna in Sant’Orsola terme, also in the Trentino area, there is a bubble room, an inflatable structure that is almost entirely transparent, to sleep under the stars.

Another bubble room with a lakeside view is in Bolsena, at Le Perseidi Bubble Glamping, which also features a mini hot tub in an ample private garden completely enclosed by bushes that ensure privacy. Atmosfera Bubble Glamping in Satriano di Lucania, in the Basilicata region, has three bubble rooms in which the contemporary design furniture is matched with pieces recovered from the old family farmhouse.In

On the cover: Le Perseidi © Francesco Salvaggio


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