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Cala di Volpe, in the Costa Smeralda, exclusivity and luxury, nature and above all haute cuisine

Dining out at the Smeralda Holding destinations. International flavour with Nobuyuki Matsuhisa

Luxury and haute cuisine come together in the breath-taking landscape of the Costa Smeralda. Just come into the Hotel Cala di Volpe, and you will be welcomed with an authentic Italian Bellini (prepared with the freshest of peaches and served with tonnata sauce and guacamole), with a view from the Atrium Bar, on the most glamourous bay in the Mediterranean. And if you want, take the opportunity to participate in a masterclass on cocktails, with the head barman Andrea Di Mauro. The Atrium Bar is an intimate oasis, a suggestive scenario on the emerald-coloured bay: the gateway to a destination that is far more than just a hotel.

At Cala di Volpe, the architectural tradition and culture have been preserved and gradually reinforced since the 1960s, with Karim Aga Khan and the original style of Jacques Couelle, to the present time by Smeralda Holding (an Italian company whose lone shareholder is Qatar Holding, the operative arm of QIA, one of the most important sovereign funds in the world). This is a district that is all about entertainment, culture, sport, lifestyle and food. And food service has been a specific area of investment this past year by the group which holds the major 5-star tourist assets on the Costa Smeralda, opening back in 2021 with a new Beefbar. This is a partnership with the luxury restaurant brand specialised in dishes based on meat and much more. Conceived by Riccardo Giraudi more than ten years ago in Monte Carlo, the success of this concept lies in offering an ample and prized selection of the finest cuts of meat. a success that spread rapidly around the world. From Paris to Tulum, to Mykonos, Athens, Hong Kong and Saint-Tropez, this is not simply a chain of international-level restaurants but a new way of experiencing fine food, offering absolutely unique dining experiences.

In addition to products of the highest quality, the Beefbar offers a sophisticated modern atmosphere and captivating aesthetics in the heart of the Hotel, whose identity has remained intact over time, while introducing contemporary design in its renovation project.

Located in the heart of the Hotel Cala di Volpe, Le Grand is an iconic location in Costa Smeralda, a place in which to try seabass cooked in a salt crust, delicious Zabaglione flambé desserts or Crêpes Suzette prepared right in front of the guests. The restaurant is headed by Executive Chef Maurizio Locatelli, whose professional expertise and skills have won him the Marriot Europe Culinary Excellence Award. The “cooking class” format is coordinated by Locatelli himself: he is open to helping anyone who wishes to discover the authentic taste of Sardinia, and prepare one of its most iconic dishes.

Food and wine. The Cantina del Cala di Volpe conserves labels from around the world for an estimated value of 1 million euro. Located in a strategic position between the iconic Le Grand and the new Beefbar restaurant, the Cantina features wines from many different countries. The wine journey in Cala di Volpe begins with a wide selection of the best wines from Sardinia and Italy, such as the Supertuscan Barolo, Barbaresco, Amarone, while exclusive varieties of Champagne, rare Bordeaux and exceptional Bourgogne represent the excellence of French wines. There are labels from California, Argentina, Spain and Hungary to complete the sumptuous international wine journey.

Cala di Volpe also boasts the Ristorante Barbeque, more informal than the others, designed and organized for lunches, with Mediterranean and international specialties, and a corner dedicated to Sardinian delights. It is an ideal location for people who love Mediterranean cuisine, with grilled seafood and meats. Not far away, with a view over the largest salt-water swimming pool in Europe is the Juice bar, where you can choose fruits and vegetables as if the market were right under your hotel room.

The growing number of restaurants makes Cala di Volpe a destination for exclusive food, an excellence in a district such as the Costa Smeralda, which has no competitors in the Mediterranean. One of the restaurants that makes the difference in terms of food quality, location and experience is Matsuhisa at Cala di Volpe, which offers Japanese cuisine in the nobu style, by the famous Nobuyuki Matsuhisa, one of the top 10 chefs in the world, who interprets fusion cuisine and is a model of excellence for the spread of Japanese taste around the world.

Each dish on the menu tells its own story. No less significant is its position: facing the dock and the yachts moored in the bay, which light up at night in a crown of light.

One of the many other features of the Costa Smeralda district F&B Collection, is Novikov, which brings the best of its service and quality from the heart of London to the Costa Smeralda, offering one of the finest Asian fusion culinary experiences in this destination. Guests can enjoy the simple but elegant design of the dining room with its marble bar and bespoke wood furniture, or relax on the private terrace with a stunning view over the bay, a perfect location for special events and intimate dinners.

The farm and vegetable garden. Going back to Cala di Volpe, one of the newest features is the concept “from the farm to the table”: the experience begins at sunset in the Orto, the Vegetable Garden at the Hotel Cala di Volpe, where guests and their families have the exclusive opportunity to feed the goats and chickens, gather the eggs and harvest the vegetables, and taste the authentic flavours of Sardinia surrounded by a bucolic atmosphere. A unique experience for nature lovers. The rustic outdoor restaurant can seat around 20 people.

Food for every taste, which can also be served outside the hotel. There is also a service that offers the possibility to order and enjoy the best of the most exclusive restaurants in the Costa Smeralda, at home or on the boat. The Asian food of Novikov or Matsuhisa, the meat from Beefbar and the Mediterranean flavours of other restaurants such as the Quattro Passi al Pescatore, may be served directly wherever one desires.


Cover: Beefbar, Hotel Cala di Volpe, Costa Smeralda. Cortesia Cala di Volpe

Translated by: Olga Barmine 


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