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Innovation that starts with people, the EY wavespace laboratory opens in Milan

The process will allow users to challenge themselves and design new experiences

EY Italia has created the new “EY wavespaceTM” in Milan, “a transformation laboratory”on 800 square meters in the heart of the city, with the support of the ExperienceLab of the Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore and Studio Degw, a brand of the Lombardini22 Group.

It is an experience in which you can deconstruct your certainties and accelerate the creation of new transformative strategies that also analyse Gen Z’s vision. The project was developed by a multidisciplinary team of architects, researchers and neuroscientists, as well as the craftsmen of the Teatro alla Scala who built the sets.

The experience is associated with the four elements of nature (earth, air, water and fire) and consists of eight interconnected spaces, each characterized by a specific architectural and perceptive identity. These spaces allow users to challenge their convictions and to design transformative experiences that can support innovation focused on people.

Industrial strategy and brand positioning, the future of the job market and digital transformation, new consumer and sustainability models will be just some of the activities in the EY wavespace, where a multidisciplinary team will work alongside companies and institutions.

The EY wavespace is part of a global network of experimental centres specialised in new interactive technologies that share methodologies and platforms. In Italy, wavespace was founded to revolutionise the concept launched in 2018, capitalising on the experience of the one in Rome which since 2020 has hosted over 300 customers focusing on applied neuroscience, in collaboration with La Sapienza.

«In a context of accelerated multipolar transition, where certainties are increasingly liquid and strategies must change at unprecedented speed, we wish to flank companies and leaders, brands and people, to become the architects of a deep and sustainable transformation» explains Massimo Antonelli, CEO of EY in Italy and COO of EY Europe West. «The new wavespace aims to reconcile natural, social and human-based archetypes with economic and business models, integrating the perspective of the new generation and the huge impact it has on culture, lifestyle and consumer behaviour» concluded Antonelli.

Andrea D’Acunto, people advisory services leader of EY in Italy, comments on the project, explaining how that each space was studied so that the spaces, the immersive technologies, methodologies, working methods and contents amplify the business transformation experience, not only in terms of speed and efficacy but «from a cognitive and emotional point of view, reinforcing the mindset and values needed to make the transformation successful».

«The future is shaped prevalently by people: workers, consumers and citizens, and they constitute the most exciting challenge. The EY wavespace in Milan was founded to offer the tools needed to anticipate and govern the future» concluded D’Acunto.

On the cover: EYwavespaceMilano, Waterfall © EY Italia


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