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Food different with Dry Milano. The cocktail kingdom

Food&beverage marry design and architecture in the restaurant of the starred chef Andrea Berton

Dry Milano is an engaging and innovative experience of space and taste, social and mondaine. Located in via Solferino in 2013 by an idea of ​​the starred chef Andrea Berton together with his partners Giovanni Fiorin, executive director of the group’s projects, Diego Rigatti, lawyer and sommelier and Tiziano Vudafieri, architect and interior designer, in five years the initiative has seduced palates and aesthetic sense of many people, to the point to induce the group to open a second place in Viale Vittorio Veneto. Dry Milano associates its food & beverage offer, which marries the most unusual cocktails to pizza and to the quality of the architectural projects, completed, on both occasions, by the Vudafieri-Saverino Partners studio.

DRY Milano in viale Vittorio Veneto. Foto: Nathalie Krag

Berton, born in 1970, comes from Friuli Venezia Giulia. He worked with Gualtiero Marchesi in Milan, with Carlo Cracco at the Enoteca Pinchiorri in Florence, with Alain Ducasse at the “Luigi XV” in Montecarlo. After some experiences abroad he returned to Italy and worked for the restaurant “Trussardi alla Scala”. Between 2012 and 2013, together with his three partners, he opened “Pisacco” and “DRY Milano”, both in via Solferino. And that’s not all, almost at the same time he has also opened the “Ristorante Berton” and a “Berton Al Lago”. An excellent CV, rich of Michelin star and other awards, such as the forks of the Gambero Rosso and the hats of the Guide to the Restaurants of Italy of l’Espresso, which will guarantee, to those who will attend Dry Milano, cocktails and pizzas characterized by refined flavors for their quality, elegant and simple at the same time, traditional and innovative, classic and unrevealed.

For the second time Andrea Berton and his team have invested in different food, enriching the winning formula of the first Dry (cocktail and pizza) with a variety of salads, cured and seasoned meats of exceptional quality (such as the bresaola di Panatti or the raw slow maturing). Among the novelties of viale Vittorio Veneto there are also the “Signature”, based on wine and shrub (homemade ingredient obtained from fruit fermentation).

And for a soft drink, here they come the aromatized waters, obtained through an infusion and a cold extraction process

The environment is the perfect evidence of how much further satisfying a break at Dry Milano can be. «Architecture focuses on designing relationships between people. A theme that becomes clear also in the choice to eliminate any filter between those who work and those who are served: the idea of ​​breaking the bar like a secular altar. The result is a non-hierarchical distribution of the space between customer and staff areas», explain the designers. Brass is the main material within this scene: it covers tables of every shape, portions of walls and even the bar counter. It is also matched by the wooden floor and the original walls of the building, sometimes left exposed to bring up memories and referring to the history of an environment lived in another era and in other ways. The lighting is entrusted with chandeliers constructed by grouping together old lamp-holders, with incandescent bulbs or, again, with luminous garlands to be twisted around simple bars. There is also something else new: Dry Milano in viale Vittorio Veneto hosts “Extra Dry”, a program of video installations of contemporary art curated by Paola Clerico / Case Chiuse. The relationship with the city? There is also that: DRY combines thirteen windows on the facades overlooking the House of the Fountain (Casa della Fontana), dated back to the thirties, onto the garden in via Palestro and, with a dehors, on the ramparts of Porta Venezia.


translation by Olga Barmine

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