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The legend of Enzo Ferrari illustrated in images, prototypes and customised models

Maranello Museum, architect Benedetto Camerana restyles the exhibition

“If I said that when I started off I thought I would make anything more than just one car, I would be lying”. “Factories are made of men, technical equipment and walls. Ferrari is made primarily of men”. These are the words of Enzo Ferrari, written in giant letters along the new exhibition path of the Ferrari Museum in Maranello.

Ferrari Museum, Maranello © Ferrari S.p.A.

Words, images, photographs, models, motors, prototypes. A journey among the “Rosse”, the “Reds”, open through May 2019 where on the 120th anniversary of his birth, tribute will be paid to the founder and his passion for cars in the exhibitions titled “Driven by Enzo” and “Passion and Legend”, which describe the evolution in style and technology across the entire history of the company

Ask a child to draw a car, he will without a doubt colour it red.

Enzo Ferrari

Enzo Ferrari used to personally test each car made at Maranello, but not all of them became part of his everyday life. The exhibition “Driven by Enzo” displays the four-seat models that he drove every day. A combination of comfort and sportiness in four-seater cars, which he often used to accompanied the celebrities who came to visit him.

“The first car that he fell in love with at first sight – they tell at Ferrari – was the Ferrari 250 GT 2+2 in 1960, and his love never waned; the same is true for the 400 GTi and the 412, and the Ferrari 456 GT, a car he approved personally in 1988. Even when he decided to hire a chauffeur in 1969, he often merely rode as a passenger and traveling companion for a man who always considered himself to be a race-car driver”.

Passion and Legend” is a second exhibition, the story of the company illustrated with cars and images. The exhibition spaces of the Ferrari Museum, which was restyled with a new exhibition route designed by architect Benedetto Camerana, there’s the 1948 166 Inter, feature the first Ferrari made prevalently to be driven on the road, the 1956 Ferrari 250T Berlinetta “Tdf” and the Dino 246. The exhibition continues through today’s cars, such as the F12tdf, a special limited series, and the 812 Superfast, the highest-performing road car made by Ferrari.

How Ferraris are made, the style, the body shop, the designers, the customization and the special models, Ferrari Racing and F1: all of this is on exhibit at the museum in Maranello.

Like in a movie, the museum offers a sequence of episodes and stories that alternate technical sections with other more exciting parts, speaking to expert visitors and just fans of the Prancing Horse. “New walls, as integrated visual exhibition backdrops,– says architect Camerana – redefine the museum spaces as a sequence of rooms, threaded together along a single exhibition route, intuitive for the visitor”. Engaging immersive backdrops, with a new graphic design by Studio Fionda revitalize the Maranello Museum which, with the new Enzo Ferrari Museum in Modena, is one of the museums with the highest attendance in Italy, counting over 530,000 visitors in 2017.


translation by Olga Barmine

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