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Minimalist design for the 5G hotel, a futuristic experiment for times ahead

The hotel is small and features latest-generation technology by Chinese manufacturer Oppo

A traveling hotel. The first in the 5G generation, the fifth generation mobile. Conceived and designed to give guests a first-hand experience of the most cutting-edge services and technologies, made possible by the highest mobile speed. The 5G hotel is a product of Oppo, the Chinese manufacturer of smartphones that is not yet a household name in Europe – it has been operative in Italy since June 2018 – but is already fifth in the worldwide ranking headed by Samsung, with Huawei second, Apple third and fourth another Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi. Australia is the country chosen for the debut of this tiny but futuristic hotel, a container 12 meters long that promises a full immersion into the future at a cost of 90 euro a night (the proceeds will be donated entirely to local charities).

The 5G hotel will stop at all locations where the fifth-generation network is progressively “turned on” by the telecommunication companies. The journey, which will last six months and will end in Sydney, began on August 1st at the Home of the Arts on the Gold Coast (Hota), the art citadel on the banks of the Nerang river on the Gold Coast of Queensland in Australia. Featuring a minimalist design and total black “shell”, the 5G Hotel has latest-generation technology that guests can “activate” thanks to the fifth-generation network and the Reno 5G smartphones connected to a Google Home hub, with a series of functions for a smart home.

Smart Mirror, Gaming Suite and Augmented Reality are the three “experiences” that Oppo offers visitors.

The Smart Mirror is a real mirror that can be transformed however into a display to read the news, watch a movie or even take the perfect selfie ,thanks to a system of lighting regulation that controls intensity to get the ideal photo. That is not all: thanks to AR – augmented reality – technology, you can select clothing from a virtual fashion show and wear it (also virtually), visualizing the result with a preview in the mirror.

Augmented reality is the main ingredient in the Gaming Suite as well, with a rich library of games that, connected to a latest generation computer, literally immerse you into scenarios and situations. And to activate soundtracks or download episodes or entire seasons of Netflix TV series, just “ask” Google Home: prompted by a vocal command, it will turn the lights on and off and activate the other functions available on the smart home platform.


translation by Olga Barmine

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