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Innovation according to Time, the best tech solutions of 2018

The 50 best, based on nominations online and from the magazine’s reporters: our own Top 10

What are the most innovative technologies for the year 2018? The “top 50” were ranked by TIME magazine, for its traditional yearly survey.

The list takes into account not only the “technical” characteristics of the products, but based on the choices of the reporters of the prestigious magazine and the nominations received online, the originality and creativity of the solutions, and “prêt-à-porter” as well. From fashion to food, gadgets to electronics and including design and health, the list of categories is a long one. The ranking of the 50 berst inventions in 2018, with images and descriptions, may be found on the TIME magazine website.

Pantografo Magazine has made a further selection: here is our Top 10.

The “mimetic” television

The hyper-technological televisions from the Samsung “4K Oled” collection blend in with the wall. If you select the “Ambient” setting, when the television is off it turns into a multi-purpose display: you can configure a screenshot that matches the colour of the walls and the furniture and turns the television into a “painting”, or use the slender “panel” to hang photographs on.

Prices start at $1,099.

The closet in a suitcase

A garment bag but also an “unfurlable” closet: the new “Carry-on Closet” by Solgaard Design is a simple but brilliant idea. The soft flexible drawers, each hung on the other, are used to keep one’s things in order in the suitcase and when you get to your destination the “kit” turns into a small ready-to-use dresser-closet. Without having to unpack your suitcase!

Prices start at $ 199.

The unbreakable pantyhose

Every woman’s dream: pantyhose that won’t run. Well here it is. It was invented by Sheerly Genius, which changed the basic ingredients: the unbreakable pantyhose is made with fibres typically used in bullet-proof vests and climbing gear. It is definitely more expensive than traditional pantyhose, but the expense is paid back by their longevity.

Price: $99 per pair.

The universal lid

Use only one lid for pots of every format. This is the concept devised by Made In which created the “Universal Lid”, a colourful silicone-coated lid that “adapts” to almost every size: a button makes the lid stretch or shrink taking into account the three most common standard formats. A practical solution that also saves space.

Price:$ 49

The self-cleaning robot

No more bags to empty or filters to change with the “Roomba i7” domestic robot by iRobot. The vacuum cleaner and washer has a practical removable container that condenses the dirt inside. Just empty it once a month. It is considered one of the desirable gifts for the next Christmas season.

Price: $ 950.

The contact lenses that change colour

Goodbye sunglasses even with contact lenses. Acuvue (Johnson & Johnson) in partnership with Transitions Optical is working on a collection of photo-chromatic lenses that can change colour, growing darker or lighter based on the intensity of the light, and guaranteeing maximum visual comfort. The company has already won FDA approval and will be ready to market the new Oasys lenses in 2019.

Personal trainer on the wall

A screen that becomes a personal trainer, available at any time day or night. The new “Mirror” may be easily applied to doors or walls and is controlled by smartphone. Just turn it on and start the training programme. The system is equipped with interactive technology that makes it possible to send information and get answers from a flesh-and-blood trainer to optimize results.

Price: $ 1,495

The luminescent jacket

The “Solar Charged Jacket” by Vollebak lights up at dusk. It is based on a fluorescent membrane that absorbs sunlight during the day and releases it at night. Ideal for sportsmen it becomes a sort of “display” on which to project images with your smartphone.

Price: $ 350

Environmentally friendly flip-flops

Produced by Allbirds, the “SweetFoam” flip-flops are named after the latest-generation material, made of sugarcane, that is recyclable and biodegradable. The company, which is based in California and is currently testing the material before beginning to market these “green” flip-flops, has announced that it will soon use it to make its entire product line, including the wool sneakers that made this American brand’s fortune.

The flying suit

Pull on the suit and literally take flight, thanks to the small motors applied to the sleeves of the jacket, which will allow you to achieve speeds of up to 50 mph. Of course, only the super-rich can afford it now, but the startup, Gravity Industries, is already developing a cheaper version.

Price: $ 444,000



translation by Olga Barmine

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