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Inkdome, the start up which suggest the tattoo artist with a robot

An Italian idea developed by Eric Larsen and Alessandro Cordova

Do you want to get a tattoo but you do not know what subject and in which part of the body choose? Do you want to make it done by a tattoo artist but you do not know how to find him? Would you like a tattoo designed exclusively for you, an absolute unicum? If you have ever asked these questions and you are looking for a solution, then you should try Inkdome, the first startup in the world that has decided to rely on artificial intelligence to analyze the tastes and preferences of all users, identifying the ideal artist to satisfy them thanks to an “engine” that will search all over Italy.

Inkdome team. © Inkdome

Eric Larsen and Alessandro Cordova, the two founders of this brand new company developed over a great passion for the tattoos, and rapidly becoming a real business, whose boundaries are constantly expanding, it is actually concluding an acceleration process linked to the Lifestyle of Luiss Enlabs , LVenture Group’s business accelerator.

“Every day we select new artists in the most important Italian cities. Currently we operate in 7 regions and, by the end of the year, we will cover the entire national territory. Our tattoo artist portfolio has 150 professional artists covering more than 30 different styles”.

But it’s not so much the numbers that surprise.

What really makes the difference in this adventure is the adoption of a “bot”, a virtual assistant who, using artificial intelligence, is able to interpret users’ requests, guide them in their choices and direct them to the tattoo artist who of others is able to realize the “work”.

“The search for an artist capable of interpreting the dreams, fears, and desires of a person and then translating them into a specific wished tattoo is not simple at all – emphasizes Larsen – and can take a great deal of time wasted in unsuccessful attempts. From many friends experience who, having spent in vain hours on the internet in search of a tattoo artist, have managed, after my indication, to get their tattoo so coveted having gone to the right professional, gave me the motivation to create something that could help all the people who had this same problem”.

To interact with the virtual “robot” just connect to the Facebook page of Inkdome or to their startup Internet web site and start answering the various questions that lead to the final “solution”: description of the concept, indication of the style, selection of an inspiring image, the body part choice for the tattoo. Once this first information has been obtained, the algorithm elaborates the indications and suggests a selection of professionals (three in total) suitable to make the tattoo.

Once the user has chosen the favorite tattoo artist, the platform offers the possibility to get in touch with the professional to discuss the idea, costs and clarify any reasanble doubts

Decisive is the choice of the artists: “We carefully select only certified artists, with the best hygiene standards, paying particular attention to their artistic skills – explains Cordova – to their potential growth, to that specific niche, where only the best of a certain style or the most avant-garde artists can access, and then be recommended to users”. Young talents are also encouraged.“Our vision – concludes Larsen – is to become the largest virtual tattoo studio in the world, guaranteeing our user’s rigorous selection and safety standards, and a unique and memorable experience: we want to innovate tradition, and color the future”.


translation by Olga Barmine

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