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Carlings presents digital dresses. Instagrammable, of course

The Norwegian multi-brand is selling a collection of clothing to be worn digitally, thanks to post-production in a digital dressing room

The outfit is conceived ad hoc for Instagram photos, “digital” clothing designed to exalt the use of “filters” and fashion shoots. This is the idea spawned by Carlings, the Norwegian multibrand that just launched the first Digital Collection in the world, alias the first totally virtual men’s and women’s sportswear collection. The clothing in question is not worn physically but digitally, and is available on the website

«The digital collection is a new way of expressing creativity without having to buy clothing to store in the closet», explain the people who came up with the idea.

We were inspired by the influencers and wondered: why not give them virtual clothing to use on social media? This is a new challenge and we believe the fashion world should accept it.

This is how it works: on the website, you choose the article you prefer among the ones available – at the moment the collection includes a limited edition of hoodies, raincoats, maxi-pants and down jackets – and you access the virtual dressing room where you upload your photo – the one you will use for Instagram posts – and the display will visualize the final result as if you were looking in the mirror. The software platform used to “try on” the clothing can adapt the garment to the figure.

Once the choice has been made, you move on to “checkout”. The cost is 20 to 30 euro per garment: for each photo you can buy one or more items of clothing, and so matche hoodies and trousers, or jacket and trousers. The collection also features Lcd “glasses” in fluorescent pink or yellow, with writing over them, sold at 10 euro.

When the order is placed, the Carlings designers take charge: they process the photo to make it “cool”, using the most appropriate tools, colours and scenarios for publication on Instagram. And should they need a better photo, you will be contacted by e-mail to upload a new one.

Fashion is increasingly influenced by online trends.

«The sphere of Internet is by far the place you have most exposure. This is why we want to give everyone the opportunity to express their own style, thereby contributing to environmental sustainability as well», explains the staff at Carlings. Less physical clothing means less energy required to produce it and less waste when garments are thrown out. And financially, the savings would be rather significant: though you spend at least 20 euro for a photo, which is not a very small amount, it is also true you would spend a lot more for a “designer” item. «By digitizing items of clothing, we make them more accessible and give everyone the opportunity to wear clothes that would be far more expensive to buy».


translation by Olga Barmine

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